About Me

Disclaimer, I am a DIY noob! I am merely here for your entertainment as I go along my journey, making plenty of mistakes and hopefully learning something from them. I have attempted to dedicate the past year and a half of my life learning some practical skills, partially because I was relieved to be out of academia, and partially because I have been unemployed. I spent six months of last year traveling the country, staying at six different intentional communities, where I learned a lot about gardening, composting, fermentation, goat milking, cheese making, long meetings, and dumpster diving. You may notice that my version of DIY leans a lot toward food production - that is because I love food, and I think it is both important, and a very feasible part of our lives that we can take control over.

When I am not working on "projects", I am usually reading, writing, sleeping, job hunting, or wasting way too much time on the internets. I live in Boulder, Colorado, with my physicist partner, our collective three cats and one tarantula.